Get more value from SAP MDG

Optimised use of MDG lies in the details. With a versatile set of features, the MDG Productivity Pack acts like a Swiss knife offering essential and useful functionalities that streamline the MDG process and improve the overall user experience.

This is a add-on that - in our opinion - should have been included as standard in the SAP implementation. We inform you about these useful features and advise you about them. It is up to you to decide which functionalities your company needs!

For Terumo-Europe, the MPP is a strategic tool that supports process automation and increases productivity. The add-on is extremely well integrated, so much so that our end user doesn't know where SAP MDG ends and the MPP starts.

~ Matthias Ceulemans, Business Analyst MDG at Terumo Europe

Alluvion The Team

Why choose the MDG Productivity Pack?

Access to essential, standard not available functionalities

The MDG Productivity Pack fills the gap by offering functionalities missing from standard MDG, providing a more comprehensive and richer experience.

Improved efficiency

User-friendly features and streamlined processes allow users to adapt quickly and work in a more focused way, maximising productivity.

Superior data quality

Thanks to its seamless integration with data services, MDG Productivity Pack increases data quality and ensures accurate and reliable master data.

Removing the MDG Productivity Pack would be unimaginable for us. Without the derivation framework and process-step skipping, our process runtime would increase significantly, and we'd lose the flexibility offered by the easy-to-use BRF+ configuration.

~ Master Data Manager, utilities company

Some features within this package

  • Integrated checklist for user activities  
    Tracking of tasks and customisation of workflows
  • Skip certain steps automatically  
    Ensure more efficiency and less work
  • More efficient process flow 
    Empower teams, boost productivity and streamline workflows
  • Compliant data 
    Ensure transparent data that is always in line with changing legal standards

The Alluvion MDG Productivity Pack has helped us save as much as the equivalent of 6 full-time employees. Therefore, we can confidently say that using the add-on has resulted in significant cost savings and increased user acceptance.

~ Master Data Manager, Chemical Multinational

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The MDG Productivity Pack fills the gaps SAP is leaving. It is a huge cost saver for our business and we are looking forward to activating additional functionality.

~ Master Data Manager, Chemical Multinational

To benefit from the full potential of MDG, the MDG Poductivity Pack is a must. The handy tools in the pack optimise business processes, save time and make your employees' daily work a lot more satisfying. Since you can count on permanent support and assistance, it is an investment that quickly pays for itself!



Solely SAP MDG proved insufficient; efficiency, user acceptance, time, and cost savings would be significantly lower without MPP. While SAP MDG alone would yield diminished user acceptance, MPP saves time and costs and enhances data quality.

~ Eric Vertommen, Project Manager at SPRB

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