Are you our new Senior SAP Developer?

We are Alluvion and we have a mission!

We are an international team of SAP master data experts dedicated to achieve and maintain reliable data.

We accomplish this through both advisory and implementation. We excel in Master Data Management from a profound understanding of this complex domain (as well as in product, technology, business processes, and methodology).

What sets us apart is our pragmatic approach and the ability to deliver rapid, tangible results.


What are we looking for?

  • Experience: At least 3 years of experience in SAP CAP and related technologies.
  • SAP CAP Expertise: In-depth knowledge of SAP Cloud Application Programming Model (CAP), including CDS modeling concepts and best practices.
  • Technical Skills:
    • CDS / CDL / CSN / annotations
    • NodeJS
    • JavaScript / TypeScript (optional)
    • Authentication and Authorization (XSUAA) setup
    • SQLite / PostgreSQL / HANA Cloud
    • Consuming other SAP BTP services from CAP
    • SAP Fiori Elements
    • Good knowledge of Fiori SAPUI5 front-end development
    • UI Annotations
    • OData v4/v2
    • SAP Cloud Identity Services
    • SAP Business Application Studio
    • Cloud Foundry knowledge
    • Experience with version control (Git)

Your upcoming responsibilities

  • Design, develop, and maintain applications using SAP CAP.
  • Implement CDS models and apply best practices.
  • Configure and manage authentication and authorization (XSUAA).
  • Work with databases such as SQLite, PostgreSQL, and HANA Cloud.
  • Integrate other SAP BTP services within CAP.
  • Develop front-end applications with SAP Fiori Elements and SAPUI5.
  • Utilize UI annotations and develop OData v4/v2 services.
  • Manage projects within SAP Business Application Studio and Cloud Foundry.
  • Use version control (Git) for collaboration and code management.

What makes Alluvion different?

  • We offer you plenty of space to develop on a personal and professional level.

  • We’re a small team driven by effectiveness.

  • We work partly remotely and from The Hive in Ghent, Google-style offices designed for co-working. Oh, and without traffic jams or parking problems.

  • Not to boast, but we’re a fun and eager team. Pioneers who think out of the box – or don’t even see a box, come to that.

  • We offer a competitive package, including a pension scheme, a company car, a laptop (obvs!), a bonus plan and a mobile.

  • Our coffee is legendary. May seem like a detail, but just wait till it hits your palate.

  • Our way of sharing knowledge and creating great memories…

  • Although we are consultants, we try to give you a good work-life balance: partial remote work, close-by projects, and a correct workload is what we aim for.

Ready, steady, GO!

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