Heraeus Electro-Nite as organization 

Heraeus Electro-Nite is a market leader in the field of measurement technology in molten metals. As a global company with 25 locations worldwide, Heraeus Electro-Nite has approximately 4000 employees and is headquartered in Houthalen (Belgium). It provides integrated measurement systems to steel, iron, aluminium, and copper producers. The systems provide a wide range of measurements including those for temperature, oxygen, hydrogen, and carbon. Their purpose is to provide customers with high-quality, innovative products and services, so they can operate to the highest levels of quality and efficiency. 

Situation before SAP MDG 

Before MDG the organization had maintenance of master data for customers and vendors but in a different manner. Vendors were created by an external portal and data was replicated to the SAP system. Customers were created directly in SAP and the records was controlled by the blocking flags. Uses had different entry points for maintenance of customers and vendors.   

MDG was the best next step to evolve from the master data perspective. It provided a consistent view and approach to govern the master data systematically. The workflow capabilities of MDG provided a better way to approve and enrich master data records. 

Solution with MDG

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Improved company processes

Smooth and traceable processes are important for every company. At Heraeus Electro-Nite the scope was to create processes for creation and change of business partners, including customers and vendors. That was accomplished by the SAP BRF workflows and the Alluvion MDG Productivity Pack (MPP). The approval steps in the processes were dynamic, so based on different criteria and sensitive attributes, the respective steps in the process were turned on or skipped.

The four-eyes principle was always applied, as the requester always needs to be excluded from the approvals and never approves their own data.

For better administration of the processes fall-back approvals were included. In any erroneous situation, the workflow will not just stuck but will be handled by a respective group of people. This makes it easier for all process participants, as no longer requesters should wonder what happened with the business partner, it is visible to them and even in erroneous scenarios, they can see the status, the trace and the processor. 

Enlarged scope of governed data

SAP MDG has the goal to enable for maintenance of as much data as possible. New releases also provide additional tables and fields, but even with that, some data can be maintained in regular transactions but is not available in the MDG user interface. Based on the customer scenarios they might not be required, but for Heraeus Electro-Nite some fields were important for the daily operations. These were for example the Credit Management fields, Return Supplier, Ukrainian Tax information, and Poland Business Partner Classification.

For credit management new sections were delivered to fulfil the customer needs for maintenance of credit segments, information categories, credit management texts and respective calculations.

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Country dependent data is available in S4 Hana and can be accessed by business partner transaction code. We had to implement these functions for Ukraine and Poland in the MDG user interface, so users can directly maintain from MDG customer tax data on a time basis for Ukraine and BP Classification for Poland.

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Enable Returns Supplier in MDG

The Returns Supplier is one important function provided by SAP and supported by business partner transaction. When a return to the supplier is required, the supplier should exist in the system also as a customer. To provide that, when the supplier is marked as “Returns supplier” and all changes are approved in the system, a new customer is created from the supplier, based on same data, both the vendor and the customer then are connected to each other and the customer can be used for the further processing of the returns.

Integrate Alluvion MDG Productivity Pack

On top of MDG central governance, the Alluvion MDG Productivity Pack was also introduced, allowing us to increase user adaptation, experience, and efficiency of the MDG application. For more information, you can check our page SAP MDG & Alluvion MPP Advantages in the Public Sector. In the setup for Heraeus Electro-Nite, the following features of MPP were used.

MPP Checklist was used to provide additional validations and inform the user about actions to be considered. This included the integration of standard duplicate checks based on address details, MPP duplicate checks based on tax information, checks for required attachments and manual user confirmation for actions done.


As part of the MPP a VAT look-up service was provided for European VAT numbers. If address data is available in the VIES database, the information is automatically derived for the record.


MPP sensitive attributes functionality was used for visualizing the user’s sensitive information changes and also to determine dynamically if approvals are required for the change request based on sensitive data updates.


Mass Changes and Consolidation

Customer requirements also include the possibility to modify multiple business partners together. For such functionalities, the SAP Mass Change and Consolidation tools come in place. The Fiori-based solution is a convenient way to modify simultaneously multiple records, running validations and derivations, calculating the best record, and providing high-quality data as a result. We are doing all relevant customizing to enable the tools, but for sure this is not sufficient as a part of a complex customer scenario.

Custom attributes should be always handled additionally, so credit management fields need the specific implementation to enable them in the Mass Processing tool. With additional customizing and implementation, even the scope of modified fields can be limited to a fixed number, so users can have only the required fields in the change scope.

With the Mass Processing, the two options to edit master data are provided:

  • Upload a file with data changes. The fields in scope and the records in scope are detected automatically. Then additional changes can be applied and validation can run before the records are activated.
  • Start a new process from scratch. Then, fields in scope should be selected from the possible configurations and records should be selected during the Selection phase. Then during the Edit phase all relevant changes should be applied by the user.

In handling custom attributes for credit management, the Activation phase needs to be adapted, so all changes are successfully saved and activated in the system. 


SAP Business Technology Platform

Heraeus Electro-Nite chose to use the SAP Business Technology Platform and SAP Build Work Zone as a solution for a central launchpad. MDG is just one of the systems that is integrated with the SAP BTP. From the MDG perspective, all needed applications are added in SAP BTP and configured to the target MDG system. Authorization setup is also an important topic, so only authorized users can see respective tiles for the destination system.

Together with MDG, other target systems are enabled in SAP BTP, so it can provide a central entrance to the applications that the user needs to access. This saves the time of the end-user switching between different systems. This is usually one of the aspects why companies build a central launchpad.

The final setup of the system is in progress and will be made fully functional during the next releases.

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We will present this case together with Heraeus during the SAP Innovation Day. 

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