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Our client is a retailer specializing in materials and tools for construction and renovation, represented in four countries: France, Italy, Spain and Poland. The company has more than 8200 people employed and has 15,000 – 20,000 products in its scope.


Each country has its supplier but some of them are common to many countries. Each country has its own custom software: the group decided to migrate to S/4 HANA. The countries should work for the first time together on the same system.

Each country has its Purchasing department and Finance department: the purchasing department creates or modifies the supplier and the Finance department should check the sensible data like bank, tax, and payment terms,…


  • Alluvion has made its implementation to identify the sensitive data on the screen and redirect the change request to the right department when needed;
  • Central data of common suppliers are modifiable by everyone but purchasing and finance pare are country dependent. In the meantime, when a modification happens on those suppliers, it’s locked by the system to avoid overwrite problems;
  • Thanks to the change request system, no need for ping-pong mailing. Each department uses the change request reporting in MDG to know the tasks he has to do;
  • Each country has its process cycle. For example, a change request by Poland is not visible in Italy.

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