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In the rapidly evolving world of business, effective data management is a cornerstone of success and innovation. Recognizing this critical aspect, Wavin, a global leader in water management solutions, collaborated with Alluvion to undertake a transformative journey in data governance. They aimed to establish a robust and sophisticated system for managing master data, an essential element for any growing organization. Selecting SAP Master Data Governance (MDG) as their tool of choice, Alluvion and Wavin embarked on creating a Master Data Hub – a centralized repository to consolidate and store master data, paving the way for greater insight and standardized operational procedures. This partnership between Alluvion and Wavin is a testament to Alluvion's prowess in delivering advanced data management solutions.


The Need for Change at Wavin

With its expanding global footprint, Wavin faced increasing challenges in managing its master data efficiently. "The world is evolving rapidly, and so is Wavin," noted Samuël Richters, a Master Data Specialist at Wavin. "To stay ahead, our master data must be managed flawlessly." Wavin's earlier approach, a basic SAP workflow for managing master data, was proving insufficient as the organization grew. This led to a complex landscape of master data management that needed urgent addressing.


Choosing the Right Solution: SAP MDG

Wavin's decision to adopt SAP Master Data Governance was driven by its existing SAP ecosystem, which promised seamless integration. "Integrating SAP MDG into our system was a strategic move, considering our extensive use of SAP's technologies," explained Richters. SAP MDG offered more than just data consolidation; it was a pathway to enhanced data quality, governance, and compliance.


The Implementation Journey

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The journey to implement SAP MDG at Wavin, led by Alluvion, was meticulously planned and executed. The first significant phase was the migration of supplier master data in the EMEA region, a vital step due to the sensitive nature of this data. "With SAP MDG, we've limited access to updating supplier data to a few key individuals, ensuring detailed tracking of all changes," stated Chris Mallabone, Wavin’s Business Process and Master Data Manager. Alluvion's approach was comprehensive, focusing on technical migration and extensive staff training, which was crucial for adapting to new workflows and procedures.


Results and Benefits

The implementation of SAP MDG at Wavin resulted in immediate and substantial improvements. The system provided a more controlled environment for managing supplier data and enhancing compliance and data security. Mallabone commented, "This new system has revamped our approach to supplier data, bolstering our compliance and operational efficiency." The standardized processes led to a reduction in data-related errors and streamlined operations, thus enabling better decision-making and operational agility.


Expanding the Reach: Further Implementations

Following the successful migration of supplier data, Wavin and Alluvion turned their attention to other data domains. The next step involved transferring the master data related to materials, a complex and significant project given the intricate nature of materials data management. "Maintaining materials master data is a substantial task, often involving hundreds of fields," Richters pointed out. "The challenge was not just transferring this data but also cleansing and standardizing it."


Looking Towards the Future

With the successful migration of master data for finance and customers in the EMEA region planned for the near future, Wavin's journey with SAP MDG is far from over. "This isn't just a project; it's a comprehensive program," Richters reflected. The initiative's scope will eventually extend to other regions, including Asia-Pacific and Latin America, culminating in a unified system for global data collection, consolidation, and storage.



Alluvion's successful implementation of SAP MDG at Wavin exemplifies how strategic data management can be a game-changer for businesses. This collaboration underscores the importance of the right technology and expert guidance in revolutionizing an organization's approach to data governance. As Alluvion continues to tackle data challenges and transform them into opportunities for growth and innovation, we invite businesses to explore the potential with us – a journey towards 100% master data quality and informed decision-making.

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