Discover the Power of SAP Master Data Governance

Unlock the full potential of your master data and optimize your business processes with our immersive one-day training session on SAP Master Data Governance (MDG). Gain in-depth knowledge, valuable insights, and practical skills as we delve into the world of master data governance, empowering you with the tools to drive operational excellence.

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MDG Inspirational Session by Pascal

Why Attend?

  • Gain Inspirational Insights: Go beyond sales pitches and discover the untapped possibilities of SAP MDG. Our session is designed to inspire you with valuable knowledge and practical examples that extend beyond the surface, providing you with a fresh perspective on MDG implementations.

  • Explore Remarkable Capabilities: Immerse yourself in the remarkable capabilities of SAP MDG through engaging demos and interactive sessions. Witness firsthand how MDG can streamline your data management processes, improve data quality, and accelerate decision-making within your organization.

  • Gain the Expertise You Need for Stronger Buy-In: Our Inspirational Session on SAP Master Data Governance (MDG) offers more than just knowledge – it arms you with the insights to confidently secure buy-in from stakeholders. Elevate your influence and drive successful MDG implementation within your organization.

  • Solve Challenges, Secure Success: Obtain insights into frequently asked questions and common problems faced during MDG implementations. Seize quick wins and proactively address challenges, strengthening your business case and gaining internal support for a successful MDG implementation.

It offers a swift and effective means to grasp all MDG capabilities aligned with the company's requirements.


Agenda Highlights

  • Introduction & Round Table: Connect with industry peers, engage in meaningful discussions, and expand your professional network.

  • MDG Value and Concepts: Explore the value of master data for your business and understand key concepts essential for successful MDG implementations.

  • MDG Features: Streamline data management, improve data quality, and accelerate decision-making through the powerful features of SAP MDG.

  • Central Governance: Effectively govern master data from a central point of view, eliminating data silos and ensuring data consistency.

  • Consolidation: Improve data quality and accuracy by consolidating data from diverse sources, enhancing the reliability of your master data.

  • Data Quality Management, Remediation, and More: Proactively manage data quality, ensure data integrity, and leverage additional innovative MDG features.

  • Q&A: Engage in interactive sessions to address your specific questions, challenges, and requirements, receiving expert guidance and advice.

  • Closing: Wrap up the session with key takeaways, actionable recommendations, and a clear roadmap for implementing SAP MDG within your organization.

The session was impressively well-structured and clear.


Choose the Edition that Suits Your Needs

  • Short Edition (3 hours): Limited presentation, basic demos, and focused Q&A to provide a concise overview of SAP MDG's capabilities.

  • Full Edition (8 hours): In-depth demos, increased interaction, extensive Q&A, and personalized advisory to delve deeper into the functionalities of SAP MDG.

SAP MDG offers a transformative solution to unlock the full potential of your master data. By eliminating data silos, ensuring data consistency, and enabling seamless collaboration across your enterprise, you can gain a competitive edge and drive operational excellence.

Book our one-day workshop on SAP MDG where we showcase all of its capabilities and latest innovations. Expand your knowledge of master data management, explore practical demos and allow your stakeholders to participate in interactive Q&A sessions.

Unleash the full potential of your data and secure success in your MDG journey!

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