Get accelerated results from your investment

Once Master Data Governance is integrated, it comes down to getting value out of that investment. Value creation is the ultimate goal of MDG, but precisely this aspect poses a challenge for many companies.

Alluvion's MDG Project Booster comes to the rescue here by being a service consisting of comprehensive training and best practices for streamlined and fast implementation. You can think of it as a service package to get the most out of your investment in the short term.

This approach will give you answers to questions such as:

  • How do I stay within budget to implement my project?
  • How do I ensure maximum support within my company? Best practices for increasing internal acceptance. 
  • How can I get maximum output with minimal preparation?
  • Gain insight on the direction your company can take with MDG and stop internal discussions
  • How do I ensure that my team becomes self-managing?
Alluvion The Team

Limit your time to value

MDG Project Booster is a very hands-on service with several workshops.

Discovery & Analysis

4 weeks - 4 workshops / 8 interviews / demo

Base Installation

2 weeks - 1 workshop with demo


4 weeks - 2 workshops with demo / process customisation / hidden fields

Optional: MDG Productivity Pack

6 weeks - 4 workshops with demo / customer-specific added value aspects
Read more about our MDG Productivity Pack

Customising (optional)

Tailored to your specific business requirements

End users don't know where the added value by Alluvion begins or ends. That makes the product indispensable for us. Should these extra features now become unavailable, we would have a huge problem.

~ Matthias Ceulemans, Terumo Europe

Unlock the true potential of your Master Data Governance with Alluvion's MDG Project Booster methodology. Reduce implementation time, increase delivered value, maximise adoption rates and build the confidence to make informed decisions.