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Who is Alluvion?

We are a team of SAP master data experts, dedicated to 100% master data quality, for once and for all – together with our customers.

Alluvion is proud to support top customers like ArcelorMittal, Air France, AB InBev, Vaillant, Bricoman/Adeo, Johnsson Matthey, Credendo, Yara, Swiss Krono, Fluvius, Elia, Infrabel, NMBS, …  in their master data journeys.

We have a leading position in the Benelux for SAP MDG projects and continue to strive to be the top player in the European SAP master data ecosystem, hence the .eu domain!

Why this change?

Focus brings success (if you do the right things). For us, it was time to sharpen the knife, reinvent ourselves, and set the foundations for sustainable growth in the coming years.

The goal was to be even more relevant for our customers than today while continuing to offer positive challenges for our consultants. (don’t forget: our experts eat complexity for breakfast 😉)

The outcome of this exercise became clearer and clearer along the way: we are a great fan of SAP Master Data Governance, SAP technology and its related business processes.

We're the same, ... but better!

How did we do this?

During a solid strategic exercise, we answered questions like: what are we known for, what makes us different, who is our ideal customer,  what are the future trends on MDM, how can SAP MDG’s roadmap serve our customers …

With that input and a disciplined usage of several methodologies, we came to our new storyline. Thanks Starring Jane for the hard work. (and great website!)

Next to that, we want to explicitly thank our customers, partners and SAP MDG product management team who have all contributed to this journey.

Our Vision

Essential for smoothly running business processes and future investments (like AI, ML, …), qualitative master data plays a crucial role.  Next to that, the complexity of digital landscapes is on the rise.

A fit-for-purpose Master Data Management program is the foundation for an effective digital transformation.

To build on this base and further reduce human intervention, we see these logical next steps in our customer’s master data journey:

  • Continuously increase your process automation level
  • Integrate with external data sources
  • Apply AI/ML in your master data processes

Read more about our vision, mission, history, ... here.

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Our strategy

We won’t bore you with all the nifty details of our strategic action plan, but we’ll give you a summary:

  • We intensify our Thought Leadership and Knowledge Sharing culture.
  • We continue being close to SAP and SAP MDG product management, having the best relationships with the most important stakeholders in the MDM space (data providers, extensions, complementary software, …) and fostering international relationships with selected customers and partners.
  • Finally, we invest heavily in our products and project accelerators to maximize value and minimize risks in our customers' projects.


Read more about our strategy here.


What’s in it for you?

Finally, we can practice what we preach – we stand for reliable master data. No more confusion: Our company name is finally our legal and fiscal name. One downside: you might have to update our records in your systems 😊 (if you’re struggling - we know a thing or two on this matter)

Knowledge is key and sharing it is golden. Therefore we continue to improve our competence management program: only certified, trained and coached consultants at Alluvion! We keep sharing our knowledge with you: by writing blogs, organizing workshops, providing whitepapers, organizing events, webinars, and round tables.

We keep bringing value by investing in project accelerators, products and assets (like the MDG Productivity pack and MDG project booster).  If you have a bright idea to improve your master data manager's efficiency, reach out to us and have your idea turned into a product feature!

During the strategic exercise, we were ambitious but down-to-earth. That's why we stuck to these principles:

- Be smart and stick to your DNA
- Make brave decisions, and set clear goals.

~ Wouter Van Peteghem, managing partner Alluvion

What’s next?

We are the same company, with the same people, the same shareholders and the same DNA. However, we have a stronger focus, a crystal-clear mission and even bolder ambitions: to be the best European SAP master data company! 

We are the same, but better!

We have now embarked on a new journey – multiple activities and events are planned to keep bringing value to our customers.

Check the website, follow us on LinkedIn and subscribe to our newsletter.

Finally. Making choices has advantages – but this also means letting go. The difference in vision and strategy made us decide that Avelon and Alluvion would be at their best in separate stories.

We want to thank our Dutch colleagues for the years of mutual collaboration and wish them good luck in their market.

In case of questions, feel free to fill in the form below, and we'll get in touch soon!

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