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We simplify complexities with our step-by-step approach, delivering an SAP Standard implementation of SAP MDG for Business Partner Customer, Supplier, or Material Master, complete with custom workflows for your data governance processes, all within a 12-week timeframe.

Additionally, we provide a combined implementation for SAP MDG Business Partner - Customer and Supplier in just 20 weeks.



SAP MDG Central governance

  • Unified Data Control: Centralized system ensuring data consistency. Govern the way your organization creates,
    maintains, and distributes master data across your enterprise.
  • Tailored data governance: Included in the offering are the following custom flows:
    • For MDG BP, customer or vendor implementation:
      • Create governance flow 
      • Change governance flow 
      • Block governance flow 
      • Delete governance flow 


    • For MDG MM, we take a slightly different approach. We include 2 scenarios for each of the following flows. This means that material types with the same workflow are clubbed together in 1 scenario.
      • Two create governance scenarios 
      • Two change governance scenarios 
      • Flag for deletion governance scenarios

SAP MDG Consolidation & Mass Processing


  • Import data from diverse sources ensuring data consistency.
  • Active Duplicate Resolving: Identify and resolve duplicates within the system.

Included in the offering for Consolidation:

  • SAP standard MDG consolidation flow for importing data (Source data)
  • SAP standard MDG consolidation flow for deduplication (Active data)



Example of results plant rule


Example of a customer data governance process


Bulk Data Operations: Enables the export of existing master data objects to Excel. The end-user can execute the changes in bulk in Excel and reupload the file using the mass processing feature, reducing the time and effort required for data maintenance.

Included in the offering for Mass Processing :

  • SAP MDG Export Master Data App
  • Allows data to be exported to Excel
  • SAP standard MDG Mass Processing flow for re-importing data (Changed data)

SAP MDG Data Quality Management 

  • Comprehensive Data Assessment: Set validation and derivation rules.
  • Continuous Monitoring and Improvement: Correct data quality through a detailed analysis of data quality issues.

Alluvion's RISE MDG Implementation Roadmap

Week 1: Discover & Prepare
  • Define project scope and objectives
Week 2-5: Explore
  • Define Governance Processes
  • Workshops
  • Standard System set-up
Week 6-9: Realize
  • Implement Processes
Week 10-12: Deploy
  • UAT Deployment
  • Testing
Alluvion's RISE Value-Driven Master Data Journey - 12 weeks
Classic MDG consultancy - 12 weeks
  • Week 1: Discover & Prepare Phase: Define project scope and objectives.
  • Weeks 2-5: Explore Phase: Gather detailed requirements and document specifications.
  • Weeks 6-9: Realize Phase: Tailor SAP MDG to your workflow and conduct unit testing.
  • Weeks 10-12: Deploy Phase: Conduct user acceptance testing, gather feedback, and provide training materials.

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