An efficient SAP ecosystem for reliable master data

Every company is unique, but being able to rely on correct master data is crucial for every business. To guarantee that your master data is and remains correct now and in the future, it is necessary to optimally integrate Master Data Governance into your business processes. That is why we developed our own methodology to identify and meet business-specific needs.

This methodology goes through a number of steps, from strategy to implementation to continuous improvement and ongoing support.

Value-driven master data journey

Step 1

Business process scan

Step 2

Build data strategy and value proposition

Step 3

SAP master data inception

Step 4

Fast track master data implementation

Step 5

Innovation and continuous improvement

Alluvion Value-Driven Master Data Journey
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It is an A to Z service that delivers the best results, however it is not necessary to go through all the steps in every situation. Do you only want a business scan? Already have SAP MDG but want to know how to optimise? We will gladly assist you in this. Get in touch.

step 1
Business process scan

Through an online survey, we get an initial idea of where your current ERP may be lacking and how the quality of your master data can be optimized. The survey only takes 10 minutes for you, we deliver a brief report and discuss this with you.

Get answers to questions like:

  • How do I start building a business case for my master data issues?
  • What is the typical impact on my business of some high-level master data pain points.
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step 2

Build data strategy and value proposition

Data optimization is a challenge we tackle together. You know your business better than we do, while we as an external partner come with new insights, ideas and best practices. We bring all stakeholders together in a series of workshops where we look into the quality of current master data, evaluate current business processes and uncover pain points. The result is a well-founded business case and a future-proof plan of action.

Get answers to questions like:

  • How can I demonstrate the returns and added value of MDG to my organization or management?
  • How can we transform our master data management to become a master data organization?
  • Where should I start when I am dealing with huge amounts of contaminated master data? 

step 3
SAP master data inception

To fully prepare for your SAP master data optimization, we define the mission, objectives and scope. We inspire and engage your team through a comprehensive demo and explanation of all capabilities  that Master Data Governance offers to your organization. In this phase we take all measures necessary for a streamlined and smooth implementation.

Get answers to questions like:

  • How can we implement a future proof master data management system that is embraced by the business?
  • How can MDG help mitigate risks, reduce costs, increase revenue and strengthen trust in the data provided?
  • How do I ensure that our master data becomes - and stays - clean?
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step 4
Fast track master data implementation

This phase is ultimately where the magic happens: the SAP Master Data Governance implementation. Achieving 100% master data quality is what is is all about, and that is what we strive for. In this phase we activate the MDG functionalities that create the most value for your company in function of your business objectives.

Included in this phase

MDG Project Booster
Services for rapid SAP MDG implementation

MDG Productivity Pack
Optimize your SAP MDG implementation with valuable extensions

MDG Inspirational Session
Get inspired, gain internal buy-in and get to know the hidden features

step 5
Innovation and continuous improvement

Our work does not end with an implementation, Master Data Governance is an ever changing process and must be monitored and evaluated.  We provide you with the capabilities and support to swiftly adapt to changed internal policies, legislation obligations, innovations and improvements.

You can count on Application Management Services (AMS) and support, we offer our own SAP MDG Administration Training and introduce AI-ML technologies.

Included in this phase

MDG Inspirational Session updates
Get inspired, gain internal buy-in and get to know the hidden features

MDG Admin Training
Master the basic capabilities of your Master Data Governance independently

Having Alluvion's consultants guide us from the start and involving our various departments in the implementation increased end-user support for this change.

~ Johnson Matthey

A proven track record across dozens of cases

It is an effective procedure to ensure 100% reliable master data quality as the foundation for a balanced SAP ecosystem, perfectly aligned with your business objectives.